Felix Kahlhoefer

Current teaching
Wintersemester 2018/19: Lecture course on Statistics and Data Analysis.

Sommersemester 2018: Lecture course on Dark Matter.

Lecture 1 Astrophysical evidence for dark matter Notes Problems
Lecture 2 Cosmological evidence for dark matter Notes Problems
Lecture 3 Thermal relics Notes Problems
Lecture 4 Supersymmetric WIMPs Notes Problems
Lecture 5 Dark matter direct detection Notes Problems
Lecture 6 Dark matter indirect detection Notes Problems
Lecture 7 Collider searches for dark matter Notes Problems
Lecture 8 Variants of the WIMP idea Notes Problems
Lecture 9 Axions and the strong CP problem Notes Problems
Lecture 10 Axions in the Early Universe Notes Problems
Lecture 11 Axion searches Notes Problems
Lecture 12 Sterile neutrinos Notes Problems
Lecture 13 Asymmetric dark matter and primordial black holes Notes

Previous teaching experience
2017: Guest lecturer for the GRK20144 lecture series on Dark Matter Theory, University of Freiburg: Slides and hand-written lecture notes.
2016: Lecturer for the Terascale School on Physics beyond the Standard Model, 4-8 April, Hamburg, Germany.
2015: Assistant lecturer for the graduate lecture series Phenomenology of Physics beyond the Standard Model at DESY.
2013 – 2014: Stipendiary Lecturer in Physics at University College, Oxford, with responsibility for the lectures Vectors and Matrices, Complex Numbers and Differential Equations, Calculus, Vector Calculus and Multiple Integrals, and Normal Modes and Waves.
2012 – 2013: Tutor at Somerville College and Worcester College, Oxford, for the lectures Symmetry and Relativity and Sub-atomic Physics.
2007 – 2010: Tutor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University, for the lectures Theoretical Mechanics and Electrodynamics and Special Relativity.