Robert Harlander

Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology
Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences
RWTH Aachen University
52056 Aachen, Germany
phone: +49-241-80-27045
fax: +49-241-80-22187
Office: 28A414, Campus Melaten


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These are some software tools that I wrote or found useful (or both):
Scientific (published in journals):
  • AutoEFT: Automated Operator Construction for Effective Field Theories
    Authors: R. Harlander, M. Schaaf

  • Himalaya: three-loop corrections to the MSSM CP-even Higgs mass matrix and to the quartic Higgs coupling in the DR'-bar scheme
    Authors: R. Harlander, J. Klappert, A. Voigt

  • SusHi: A program for the calculation of Higgs production in gluon fusion and bottom quark annihilation in the SM and the MSSM
    Authors: R. Harlander, S. Liebler, H. Mantler

  • ggh@nnlo compute the inclusive cross section for gg→H+X, is now part of SusHi
    Authors: R. Harlander and W. Kilgore

  • bbh@nnlo: compute the inclusive cross section for bb→H+X, is now part of SusHi
    Authors: R. Harlander and W. Kilgore

  • vh@nnlo: compute the inclusive cross section for pp→H+W/Z
    Authors: O. Brein, R. Harlander, T. Zirke, J. Klappert, S. Liebler, L. Simon

  • rhad: hadronic R-ratio e+e- -> hadrons in the perturbative regime
    Authors: R. Harlander and M. Steinhauser

  • evalcsusygluon-Higgs coupling in the MSSM, is now part of SusHi.
    Authors: R. Harlander and M. Steinhauser

  • H3m: a Mathematica package for evaluating the mass of the light Higgs Boson within the minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model (MSSM) to three-loop accuracy, see also arXiv:1005.5709.
    Authors: P. Kant, R. Harlander, L. Mihaila, M. Steinhauser

  • FeynGame: draw and play with Feynman diagrams

  • aximate: make simple GIF animations

  • slharoutinesauxiliary routines to run the programs bbh@nnlo and ggh@nnlo

  • calrhResembles the UNIX calendar facility, but with some additional features (e.g., to look ahead several days) (PERL) -- help pages

  • sortrefSorts the references in a LaTeX document (similar to what bibtex does, but sortref does not require an extra database) (PERL) -- help pages)

  • Creates a photo album for your webpage

  • autodocu.plA code browser (Fortran to HTML) (PERL)

  • math.el [by D. Jacobson]:  EMACS mode for running Mathematica within the EMACS environment (elisp)

  • mathem-mode.el EMACS mode for editing Mathematica files. Combined with math.el, it allows to submit commands to Mathematica directly from the source buffer (elisp)

  • do-comments.el Easy commenting and un-commenting of lines in EMACS (elisp)

  • pushd.el In EMACS, define several default directories in which you edit files (elisp)

  • mail-lookup.elNotify about new mails within EMACS (elisp)

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