Recent activities

A & A title page

28 March 2023

Our paper on our reconstruction of the 3D atomic hydrogen density map of the Galaxy has been published by Astronomy & Astrophysics and featured on the title page of the March issue: Twitter link.

Bachelor's thesis topics

27 January 2023

As every year, we offer a number of Bachelor's thesis topics this year, see here.


28 November 2022

The last couple of weeks we had a large number of visitors: Enrico Peretti (NBI), Gwenhaƫl de Wasseige (UC Louvain), Giada Peron (APC) and Kohta Murase (PennState and IAS). They all gave wonderful talks and it was great fun chatting about physics in person again after such a long time!

Marco's PhD defense

26 April 2022

Marco Kuhlen has just succesfully defended his PhD. Congratulations, Dr. Kuhlen!

ICRC rapporteur

22 July 2021

It has been a great privilge and honnor to act as a rapporteur for this year's International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC). Check out the slides and a recording of my talk here.

ICRC contributions

11 July 2021

This year's International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC) opens tomrrow and there are a number of contributions from our group: Minh's on stochasticity, Marco's on small-scale anisotropies and mine on secondaries from old supernova remnants.

Master's thesis topics

3 August 2020

I offer a number of Master's thesis topics this year, see here.


22 November 2019

Our paper on solar modulation in the extended force-field model has been accepted by PRL!


9 October 2019

Our review article on Galactic cosmic rays is now available in International Journal of Modern Physics D.


6 September 2019

Cosmo19 has just come to an end. Check out the talks available online here.