Michael Krämer

I am a professor at the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology at the RWTH Aachen University, and an associate member of the CERN Theory Division and the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics.

Currently, I am on sabbatical leave at the SLAC National Accelerator Center at Stanford University.

My research is focused on LHC phenomenology, in particular the search for physics beyond the Standard Model, including dark matter, the phenomenology of Standard Model and supersymmetric Higgs particles and perturbative loop calculations.

I coordinate a Collaborative Research Centre on ''Computational Particle Physics'', and I am a member of the review board ''Particles, Nuclei and Fields'' of the German Research Foundation DFG and a member of the European Committee for Future Accelerators ECFA.

Click here to see me contemplating the search for Higgs bosons with Sven Heinemeyer and Georg Weiglein at Les Houches.

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