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Welcome to the website of the

LHC-D working group on SUSY and BSM Physics

This working group is part of an initiative of the Komitee für Elementarteilchenphysik (KET), which includes five physics topics:

The purpose of the working group is to provide a platform for communication and collaboration among theorists and experimentalists who are interested in SUSY and BSM physics at the Large Hadron Collider. The working group is particularly aimed at young scientists within the German/Swiss/Austrian physics community.

The first meeting of the SUSY/BSM group was held in Aachen on March 7-8, 2006 (program and slides).
See here for some photographs of the first meeting.

The second meeting of the SUSY/BSM group will be held in Bonn on February 22-23, 2007.
Please register until 12. 2. 2007 by email to Herbi Dreiner (dreiner@th.physik.uni-bonn.de).
Rooms can be booked through Frau Zündorf (zuendorf@th.physik.uni-bonn.de) until 15.1.2007.

We have organised three topical working groups to foster discussions and collaborations on specific issues:

  • SUSY/BSM parameter determination and benchmarks (conveners K. Desch and W. Porod)
  • SUSY/BSM tools (conveners W. de Boer and F. Krauss)
    • differences between the hadronic background for SUSY/BSM from the major generators (Pythia, Herwig, Sherpa,...)
    • particular problems in specific studies discovered sofar (which generators for which background in which process are bad, incomplete, excellent,...)
    • strategies for relating new signals with SUSY parameter space and other BSM physics.
  • Model independent searches (conveners P. Biallass and S. Caron)
If you are interested in participating in one of the topical working groups, please contact the respective conveners listed above.

There is also a LHC-D Wiki page where we try to keep a record of required and available theoretical tools for the LHC.

If you want to be informed about events related to the SUSY/BSM working group please join the mailing list lhc-d_susy-bsm@cern.ch (subscribe / unsubscribe), or send email to mkraemer@physik.rwth-aachen.de.

Working group organisation:
Theory: H. Dreiner, M. Krämer
Experiment: V. Büscher (ATLAS), T. Hebbeker (CMS)

last update: November 2006, by MK

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