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Proton (Anti-)Proton Collider Physics RWTH Aachen , WS 2003/2004 T. Hebbeker


The accompanying tutorial will introduce into historical papers, Monte Carlo generators, cross section calculations, detector simulation, example analyses, ...


Students enrolled previously in introductory lectures on elementary particle physics (part I), Diploma and PhD students (experimental or theoretical particle physics)

This course is suitable in particular for members of the Graduate College "Elementary Particle Physics at the TeV Scale"


Physikzentrum, Room 26C201

exception: Thursday Oct 23, 28 A 301 (not before 4 pm !)


Tutorial: Tuesday 16:00-17:30
Lectures: Thursday 16:00-17:30   starting Thursday Jan. 15: Thursday 15:00-16:30

G. Blazey (D0): `D0 proton antiproton physics at the Tevatron'

lecture period: Thursday Oct 16, 2003 till Thursday Feb 5, 2004; Xmas/new year break: Dec 22, 2003 - Jan 6, 2004


Prof. Dr. Thomas Hebbeker , Physikzentrum 26 A 208, Tel 0241 80 27331

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