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Seminar of the Graduate School Particle and Astro-Particle Physics in the Light of the LHC

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The seminars take place on Tuesdays at 16:30 in the Hörsaal Physik 28D001.

Summer term 2015

date speaker title host
07.04. (Easter)    
14.04. A. Pich (IFIC Valencia) Flavour & Electroweak Symmetry Breaking WB
21.04. T. Flacke (KAIST Daejeon) Search Strategies for Composite Higgs Models at LHC run II JS
28.04. T. Flacke (KAIST Daejeon) Phenomenology of Extra Dimensions JS
05.05. CMS week    
19.05. P. Salati (LAPTh Annecy) The connection between dark matter and cosmic rays MP
26.05. Pentacost (excursion week)    
02.06. G. Dissertori (ETH Zürich) Experiments at the LHC JS
09.06. D. Lhuillier (CEA Saclay) Antineutrino spectra AS
23.06. J. Goodman (U. of Maryland) HAWC Experiment CW
14.07. Laura Baudis (Zuerich) tba MK

Winter term 2015-2016

date speaker title host
20.10. CMS week    
17.11. Terascale meeting    
05.01. Christmas Holidays    

Winter term 2014/15

date speaker title host
14.10. CMS Week    
28.10. Special Seminar Prof. Schulz (Uniklinik RWTH Aachen) Basic principles of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and recent results of an in-house developed PET-system using digital silicon photomultiplier (SiPMs) AS
04.11. Ben Allanach (Cambridge) Explaining CMS lepton excesses with supersymmetry JS
11.11. Alban Kellerbauer (MPI Heidelberg) Antimatter at the Antiproton Decelerator at CERN AS
25.11. Teresa Marrodan Undagoitia (MPI Heidelberg) Status of astrophysical measurements/experiments JS
02.12. Helmholtz Alliance Meeting (DESY)    
09.12. Tobias Golling (Univ. of Geneva) Planning for the next discovery with LHC’s Run II MP
16.12. Special seminar Dr. Patrick Gonzalez (NKI Amsterdam) Principles of EPID Dosimetry JS
13.01. A. Schukraft (Fermilab) MicroBooNE experiment CW
20.01. H. Weber (Aachen) First measurements of flavour dependence of the Higgs Boson couplings to Leptons with CMS SS
27.01. M.G. Pia (INFN Genoa) Geant4: an established instrument and a playground for research CP

Summer term 2014

For the following winter term and previous semesters, see below.

date speaker title host
22.04. Lily Asquith (CERN) Jet Substruture, Grooming, Trimming and all that MK
29.04. Francesco Sannino (CP3 Origins, Odense) Composite Dynamics 2014+ JS
06.05. Katja Krüger (DESY) Particle Flow Calorimetry LF
13.05. Bartosz Kostrzewa (DESY Zeuthen) Quantum ChromoDynamics on the Lattice JS
20.05. Frank Siegert (TU Dresden) QCD Parton Shower Simulations -- How to raise their predictive power AM
27.05. Stefan Fliescher (Minnesota) BICEP2 ME
10.06 Excursion week    
24.06. CMS week    
08.07. Christian Lippmann (CERN) Advanced particle ID reconstruction methods JS
15.07. Kenneth Wraight (Glasgow) Understanding underlying events: phenomenology and measurement of minimum bias events at the LHC JS

Winter term 2013/14

date speaker title host
15.10 Marco Cirelli Dark Matter SS
22.10. Graham Ross Beyond the Standard Model after the Higgs discovery MK
05.11. Maria Ubiali Parton distributions in the LHC era MK
19.11. Subir Sakar The PAMELA/AMS anomaly: dark matter or a cosmic pevatron?  
26.11. Karsten Buesser The international linear collider  
03.12. Joachim Kopp Dark matter at the LHC MK
10.12. CMS week    
17.12 Roger Barlow Systematic errors: facts and fiction TH
07.01. Wolfram Zeuner Upgrading CMS during LHC's first long shutdown LF
14.01. Markus Ackermann Fermi CW
21.01 Michael Wurm (Tuebingen) Neutrino and neutrino oscillation experiments - past, present, future AS
28.01. Loic Quertenmont (CMS, Louvain) Search for long-lived particles in CMS  
04.02. reserved Schael    

Summer term 2013

date speaker title host
09.04 CMS-Woche    
23.04. Markus Schumacher (Freiburg) Higgs physics with ATLAS TH
30.04. Matthias Bartelmann (Heidelberg The world according to Planck AK
07.05. Thomas Schwetz-Mangold (MPI HD) The decade of the WIMP CW
14.05. Andre Schöning (Heidelberg) Search for mu -> eee decays SS
21.05. Exkursionswoche    
28.05. Axel Lindner (DESY) Axions and other ultra-light particles beyond the standard model LF
04.06. Satyendra Thoudam (Nijmegen) Revisiting the hardening of cosmic-ray energy spectra AP
11.06 Silvia Masciocchi (GSI) ALICE at the LHC: highlights from run 1 KK
25.06. Frank Rathmann (FZ Juelich) Search for electric dipole moments in storage rings SS
09.07. CMS-Woche    
16.07. Frederic Teubert (CERN) Bs -> mu mu SS

Winter term 2012/13

date title speaker host
09.10 Vollversammlung    
30.10. RPV SUSY Herbi Dreiner (Bonn) MW
06.11. Long baseline neutrino experiments Alfons Weber (University of Oxford/RAL) SR
13.11. BSM searches at the LHC & simplified models Wolfgang Waltenberger (HEPYI, Wien) MK
27.11. Physics at the Tevatron Stefan Söldner-Rembold (Univ. of Manchester) ME
04.12. Annual meeting of the Terascale Alliance    
11.12. CMS week    
18.12. H.E.S.S. Stefan Ohm (University of Leicester) HG
15.01 Higgs physics with ATLAS Markus Schumacher (Univ. Freiburg) TH
22.01. Sterile Neutrinos from low energy to the GUT scale Werner Rodejohann (MPIK Heidelberg) CW
29.01. LHC Upgrade Program Didier Contardo (Lyon) LF

Summer term 2012

date title speaker host
01.05. Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt euch!    
08.05. 21 cm cosmology Jonathan Pritchard (Imperial College London) YW
22.05. reserved   MK
29.05. Cosmic gamma ray bursts and implications from neutrino observations (tbc) Nathan Whitehorn (University Madison Wisconsin) CW
05.06. Forward physics at the LHC Kerstin Borras (DESY) TH
19.06 Cosmic ray particles and relativistic shock acceleration in extragalactic jets: Numerical simulations (tbc) Athina Meli (University of Liege) TH
03.07. Boosted tops at the LHC Michael Spannowsky (Durham) WB

Winter term 2011/12

date title speaker host
25.10. Hunt for dark matter with cosmic-ray antideuterons Philip von Doetinchem (UCB) SS
01.11. All saints day - no seminar    
15.11. A common origin for galactic and ultra high energy cosmic rays Peter Biermann (MPIfR Bonn) CW
29.11. CMS week - no seminar    
06.12. The flavour of supersymmetry Ulrich Nierste (KIT) MK
13.12. Search for New Physics in B-decays: Results from the LHCb Experiment Ulrich Uwer (Heidelberg) MK
17.01. First Observational Tests of Eternal Inflation Hiranya V. Peiris (UCL) WW
24.01. Electroweak Symmetry breaking James Wells (CERN) WB
31.01. Experimental Higgs Searches Alexei Raspereza (DESY) LF

-- MichaelKraemer - 18 Oct 2011

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