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-- RobMcNeil - 2012-05-14

General guidelines for ordering

When ordering most items it is useful to check a couple of suppliers to find the best value item, which is, on occasions, not the cheapest.

Rough outline of ordering - see also new rules below

If order total is under ¤500 (ink MwSt) Order using the pink order form/Beschaffungsauftrag, no price comparison is required.

If order total is ¤500-¤5000 (ink MwSt) Order using the pink order form/Beschaffungsauftrag, a price comparison is required showing at least 3 items (or you have to explain that there are only 2/1 suppliers of this product.) Webquotes (printed page from a website) are fine for orders in this category.

If order total is over ¤5000 (ink MwSt) (or from non-EU companies) things are more complicated.

Amoungst other things you will need formal quotes and also a copy of the specifications given to potential suppliers, ideally a copy of the email sent or a signed list of specifictaions with justifications as appropriate.

If submitting a quote from fewer than three suppliers you will need to justify why further supplier are unavailable.

Things that may be useful to consider when deciding if a single supplier is justifiable include:

- cost effectiveness (the main purpose of this exercise)

- compatibility with existing equipment - if this is a justification you should state what the purchase cost of the existing equipment is. It is is harder to justify matching an expensive new system to a cheap existing than to justify the reverse case.

Such justification letters are best printed on headed institute paper and once explained suficiently they can be signed by someone with the surname Bluhm.

New rules as of end 2014 (applies to all of InstII A/B/C)

Orders with a value between 500,-¤ net and 5000,- ¤ (gross) are now subject to stricter rules.

This is due to the North Rhine Westphalia Wage Agreements and Tendering Act - TVgG - NRW. (For those of you who are interested)

We at the Institutes are therefore obliged to make sure that our contractors

1. act in compliance with the ILO core labor standards and
2. consider environmental protection, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

In our institute the following procedure applies for orders above 500,-¤:

1. The RWTH terms and conditions have to be faxed together with your order.

For international orders, both the English and the German terms must be faxed. You can find copies of the terms next to the fax machine in the secretariat. The copy of the terms and the fax confirmation have to be added to the order documents and submitted in the Secretariat. Orders via online portals or by e-mail are no longer permitted.

2. Document concerning the decision for environment protection:

The document concerning environment protection must be completed and also attached to the order documents.
It is sufficient to mark one criterion. For example, you can find out whether the company has a relevant ISO certification or whether the product is ROHS certificated. You can usually download the certificates on the company’s website. Please print and enclose a certificate to the order, together with the environment protection document. Should neither thecompany nor the product be certified, a different criterion must apply. Please investigate, maybe ask the company and record your effort and its outcome in writing.
The environment protection document does not need to be completed for service contracts. So for repairs, maintenance contracts
, etc. you can ignore this point 2. For the price comparison it is sufficient to complete the document only for the company where you place the order, not for all.

Price comparison:

The price comparison must be signed by two different people ("durchgeführt von" and "sachlich richtig")
-Please use this new form: http://www9.rwth-aachen.de/go/id/hmw/?src=preisvergleich

In brief summary:

- Before ordering, the complete order documents (quotations, filled price comparison, completed environment protection document with references) should be presented to the authorized person for signature.

- After your order, please add the RWTH terms and the fax confirmation to the order. Then, your order documents should be complete!

Each person is obliged to take care of all order documents by themselves.

Feel free to contact Margaret Betger if you have any queries

(Also see documents under $JANEWAY$/../General/order/_forms)

Recording purchases

The old excel database is at \\home3\inst2c\common\order\requisitionsrequisitions.xlsx. This is also a good place to check if we have discounts with a particular supplier.
Please do not add to this database.
As at 15.05.2012 guidelines for filling in requisitions.xlsx can be found at \\home3\inst2c\common\order\database_instructions.docx.

The new Access database (which superceeds the excel one) is at \\home3\inst2c\common\order\order_database.accdb
This database can sometimes be slow, tips from Hendrik:

  • store the front-end file "order_database.accdb" locally. All the data is stored in "order_database_be2.accdb", which is referenced from the front-end. Hence, it will still get synchronized.
  • It may also help performance to run Datenbanktools -> Datenbank komprimieren und reparieren (Compact and Repair), in particular for the front-end.

How to... use the order database

Main Menu

Using Database:

1. Ordering from new supplier: create New Supplier in the Main Menu

2. New Order: create New PO in the Main Menu

Important: start by filling in the field "Order Name". This is the name that characterises labels the order e.g. "soldering supplies May 2012". [Does this name have to be unique?]

Comments: Order No = "Aufragsnummer" on "Auftragsschein" (pink sheet)
Common = all institutes
general = general expenses for our group

Order No: "Aufragsnummer" on "Auftragsschein" (pink sheet)
Category: COMMON_* is for all institutes (things that will be split between different groups e.g. Acetone for cleanroom.)
Project: General is for general expenses not related to a particular project [for example/z.B. ???]


Use the dot-matrix printer in 28A303 Epson LQ-300+ (IP:

Important: before printing, change into "Seitenansicht" (button on the top left) and print with the setting vertical +0.5 (Drucken --> Eigenschaften --> Druckeigenschaften)

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