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Last modification: 8 Apr 2014


The PARametrized Simulation Engine for Cosmic rays is a Monte Carlo generator to produce UHECR mock data sets including effects from source distribution, energy loss and deflection in extragalactic and galactic fields. It is realized as a set of PXL modules with graphical steering with the Vispa GUI.

Instead of a full Monte Carlo approach, in which you would follow individual cosmic rays on their trajectory, it calculates the discrete density function of the probability to observe a cosmic ray with energy E from an direction using parametrizations for the deflection and energy loss. From this pdf it generates mock data sets either from a parametrization of an observed spectrum, or a template data set.

Please use the following reference for PARSEC in scientific publications:

Bretz, H.-P. et al. (2014). PARSEC: A Parametrized Simulation Engine for Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Protons. Astroparticle Physics 54, 110–117. DOI [arXiv]

and preferrably also to as online reference.