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Lenses for the galactic field

JF2012 Model

For the model presented by R. Jansson and G. R. Farrar in ApJ, 757, 14, 2012, [arXiv] and ApJ, 761, 11, 2012, [arXiv] two lenses are available. The first lens includes the regular component only, whereas the second lens includes the regular, striated and turbulent component of the model. The lenses were generated with CRPropa 3; for the implementation see also the contribution by Batista et al. in the proceedings of the 33rd ICRC, 2013 [arXiv]. To get an impression of the effect of the lenses on extragalactic cosmic rays, see e.g. the following animations:
Map of average deflection of particles seen from earth JF2012 regular JF2012 full
Map of average deflection of particles entering the galaxy JF2012 regular JF2012 full
Map of sensitivity JF2012 regular JF2012 full
Map of the expected deflection in the Cen A region JF2012 regular JF2012 full

BSS_S Model

The following lenses for the BSS_S modela re available. N denotes the normalization of the field at position of the sun and z1 and z2 the scale heights as in eq. 2.7 of D. Harari, S. Mollerach, and E. Roulet, JHEP 08, 22, 1999, [arXiv].
N [muG] z1 [kpc] z2[kpc] File
0.25 0.075 1.00 BSS_S_N_0.25_z1_0.075_z2_1.0.tgz
0.25 0.300 4.00 BSS_S_N_0.25_z1_0.3_z2_4.0.tgz
0.25 1.200 16.00 BSS_S_N_0.25_z1_1.2_z2_16.0.tgz
1.00 0.075 1.00 BSS_S_N_1.0_z1_0.075_z2_1.0.tgz
1.00 0.300 4.00 BSS_S_N_1.0_z1_0.3_z2_4.0.tgz
1.00 1.200 16.00 BSS_S_N_1.0_z1_1.2_z2_16.0.tgz
4.00 0.075 1.00 BSS_S_N_4.0_z1_0.075_z2_1.0.tgz
4.00 0.300 4.00 BSS_S_N_4.0_z1_0.3_z2_4.0.tgz
4.00 1.200 16.00 BSS_S_N_4.0_z1_1.2_z2_16.0.tgz